Monday, 11 February 2008

Noisy nights in Dublin

A series of posters from between 1991 and 1993 for Dublin bands The Mexican Pets, Pet Lamb and Jam Jar Jail.

There's a follow up post here.


Paul Shanahan said...

Hi Kellie,
I don't think we ever met back in the day but I'm sure we were in the same rooms watching the same bands. Anyway I just started a blog archiving the music of some of the bands you did these posters for and I posted a link to your blog here
Your posters were definitely the standout artwork from this era.
Paul Shanahan

kellie said...

Many thanks Paul - good stuff there - I really like that sleeve you posted for Painkiller by Female Hercules.

My connection with those gigs was through being a friend of Jill Hahn of The Mexican Pets. I didn't really get to know people from the other bands.