Tuesday, 26 February 2008

The Soldiers of the Moon-Dark

The soldiers of the Moon-Dark are round and small.
Each clanks like a tank, blue armour covering all.
He wears asbestos overalls under his clatter.
So if he's thrown to the volcanoes it does not matter.
His weapon is a sackful of bloodsucking vampires
(Wars on the moon are without rules or umpires)
He flings these bats one at a time into the enemy host.
When it returns full he sends it to the first aid post
Where it gives up the blood for transfusions later in the battle.
Then it flies back to its owner with renewed mettle.

From The Armies of the Moon by Ted Hughes, one of the poems in The Earth-Owl and Other Moon-People.

The drawing is one of a pair illustrating poems from this book done when I was about eleven years old, some time ago now. Unpublished of course! The other was of the Earth-Owl himself, but I can't find it now. Instead I offer another picture from the same time below, drawn soon after I saw Star Wars for the first time. Years later I had another go at painting Star Wars pictures, some of which you can see on my site.

The Armies of the Moon copyright © 1963 by Ted Hughes.

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