Monday, 17 March 2008

Norm: 'illegality' as mere attitude

Today here's Norman Geras on the oh so obviously illegal invasion of Iraq.

There's one part I'm not sure of. Norm appears to accept the assertion that the invasion took place without the authorization of the Security Council, that the authority of the Security Council was bypassed. My understanding was that the UK Government's legal justification for the invasion maintained that sufficient authority for action was given in existing Security Council resolutions, so disputing the argument that the Security Council's authority was being bypassed.

Older stuff on this from Oliver Kamm here, on the head of the Royal Navy who sought private independent advice on the legality of the invasion prior to the event. Most of the post I'm in strong sympathy with, except for the opinion of his correspondent quoted at the end who believes the First Sea Lord was wrong to seek private advice.

My own amateur knockabout on this topic on the Comics Journal message board in response to this continues here, and here, and here, all the way to here! Then a break then to do some painting, read a couple of books, and help with some homework, before it starts all over again

The above drawing has little to do with anything here. It's another illustration from the Times Higher Education Supplement, published in 1995.

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