Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Reminds me of that time in the Bay of Biscay...

Above is a rendering of a little-known incident in the history of the Imperial Russian Navy. The ship is the Saint Eustace (Евстафий) and the drawing is one in a series depicting strange events at sea.

Sailors in the audience may wonder why the ship is flying the Navy Jack while underway. The truth is she was still at anchor and building up steam when the monster surfaced, and in the hurry to escape I regret all proper formalities of flags were not attended to.

The full series, titled Worse Things Happen at Sea, will be published in Illustrators 50, the next annual from the Society of Illustrators.

For more up to date maritime news I recommend the Russian Navy Blog.

And here is a rather lovely painting of frolicking sea monsters by Jim Flora.

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