Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Bud Benderbe Goes Bananas

Always last with the latest links here, so let me show you a show from last year, Bud Benderbe Esq in New York, April 2007, singing songs of all our yesteryears updated for the modern age. Ladies and gentlemen, Bud Benderbe sings Velvet Underground classics. Just listen to that applause. Take it away Bud!

There’s more from Bud on Irwin Chusid's WFMU radio show. You can hear All Tomorrow’s Parties here, and three more songs, What Goes On, I’ll Be Your Mirror, and Sunday Morning here.

I see Bud has some association with the Dutch pop duo Bauer. Isn’t it great the way the old pro lends a hand to the young kids coming up? You can see Bauer below, performing with The Metropole Orchestra.

And what an orchestra that is . . .

The CD of that concert, Bauer Melody of 2006, also includes these film clips and more. Find it via Amazon US and Amazon UK. My copy is getting quite worn out.

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