Friday, 5 December 2008

Springtime for Islamists

I am still capable of being surprised. There’s an opinion piece by one John S Burnett in the New York Times today arguing that the US should allow the Islamic Courts Union to regain power in Somalia as a means of combating piracy.
If there is movement to talk to the Taliban in Afghanistan, then there should be some effort to talk to the fundamentalists in Somalia. If the Islamists were permitted to form a viable, functioning and effective government, this shattered land might be able to return to the community of nations — and supertankers will be able to deliver oil to the United States without fear of getting hijacked.
So to stop pirates who don’t kill very many people but are a commercial nuisance, the US should support the installation of a Taliban-like government. Great for the people of Somalia, great for security in Africa and the world, bloody genius from the realists, oh yes.

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