Wednesday, 3 December 2008

You say that like it was a bad thing!

Roland has been reading Counterpunch:
There is not a single, solid anti-war voice in the upper echelons of the Obama foreign policy apparatus.
Very reassuring.

On another point, I’ve heard people here in London talk about Obama’s election in terms of a victory over American racism, because of course we all know how racist the United Former Colonies in America are, seeing as how they kept slavery going eighteen years longer than the Empire. Well, The Times reports today on the brutal treatment of Obama’s Kenyan grandfather by British forces in 1949 during the campaign for Kenyan independence. It makes grim reading.


TNC said...

My Indian in-laws lived in London for a few years before moving to the U.S. They say it was the most racist place they ever lived. The treatment they received still brings back bitter memories for them.

kellie said...

I couldn't say if it's worse or better than anywhere else, but naturally it's easier to talk about racism abroad than at home, so here in North London I hear Americans are so racist, the French are so racist, people in the countryside are so racist.

During the time of slavery, Britain had different laws for the colonies than for home, perhaps allowing a degree of 'see no evil' thinking in the home country, and helping allow some to forget that slavery in the United States was a legacy of the British Empire.

It would be nice to think that one's nationality insulated one from evils present elsewhere in the world. A Korean Irish American friend talked once of hearing an Irish friend tell her there was no racism in Ireland. She was in a position of authority to put him right on that one.

kellie said...

Um, that was a slightly odd use of 'position of authority'. I mean she spoke from experience, rather than she was his boss.