Friday, 9 January 2009

BBC headline: Israelis snub UN ceasefire call

And down in paragraph seven: 
Hamas has also dismissed the UN ceasefire call.

Ayman Taha, a Hamas spokesman in Gaza, said: "Even though we are the main actors on the ground in Gaza, we were not consulted about this resolution and they have not taken into account our vision and the interests of our people."
Ahh, I see . . . full story here.

Update! One for the ‘Oops, what am I saying’ Dept. Fifty minutes later, they’ve corrected the headline. The position of Hamas still don’t get a look-in until the seventh paragraph, though paragraph one does mention that it’s a conflict “involving Hamas militants”. Considering that Hamas claim to be “the main actors on the ground” they must be pretty miffed at the lack of regard shown to them by the BBC.

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