Monday, 5 January 2009

For Want Of An Actually Existing Anti-War Movement . . .

Terry Glavin writes:
For Want Of An Actually Existing Anti-War Movement, Palestine’s Agony Deepens
. . . I do regret to having concluded that another good left-wing analysis raises serious questions about whether simply stopping the attacks Israel is currently carrying out in Gaza will do much good in the long run. That analysis comes from the trade unionist Eric Lee, and his argument is convincing: “Israel is today being accused of over-reacting, of applying disproportionate force to what is essentially a defeated and weak enemy. Actually, Israel is doing what is necessary to bring the long war to an end.” 

I mean it when I say I regret it, because I do tend to place my hopes in the capacity of Palestinians of good will to “resist” the Hamas tyranny (and elected or not, it is a tyranny) even in the absence of effective solidarity and support from a global anti-war movement, and despite that same movement's tendency to make excuses for the worst Islamist enemies of the Palestinian people.

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