Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Gaza: I know whose fault it is

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I now know who’s fault the Gaza war is.
It is the fault of Israel.
And it is the fault of Hamas.
And of Fatah. And of America.

It’s the fault of the kings, presidents, priests, dictators and strongmen of Iran, of Egypt, of Saudi Arabia, Syria, Jordan.

It’s the fault of Britain, of the United Nations, of the European Union, of the old Soviet Union, of the new Russia.

It’s the fault of the peace movement patsies and their fascist fellow-marchers.

It’s the fault of those who abuse the great power they have, and those who waste the little power they have.

It’s the fault of some of those who lie among the recent dead, and others among the ancient dead, and those who still follow the dead with too little care for the living.

And I know there are a number among the newly dead, and among the long dead, who were not at fault, and their number is terrible.

I’m going to try turning away from the question of fault. I see little if anything to gain there. Instead my question is, where is the potential for positive change? Not just in Israel, and Gaza, and the West Bank, but in Iran, and in Egypt, in Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Lebanon?

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