Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Things to do on long winter nights

Well, you could rearrange the pictures in the front room:

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Anonymous said...

Do you know how funny it is in life when you realize that everything is linked? While I read your comment on my blog, I get a mail from my brother saying that he wants to hike this summer parts of the trail that Stevenson walked in France when he wrote ‘Travels with a Donkey’. He wants to hike with the donkey as well. And so I check out who Stevenson is (high school literature class is quite long ago), and while I read Stevenson’s journey, and his other books, I scroll down on your blog to ‘Kidnapped’, and what do you know? There this Stevenson’s guy again! And the circle is full. Bizarre, isn’t it?

And I'm linking Rosie Strawberry to Hana's blog. Awesome!

kellie said...

Ha! I've only read Treasure Island, and that was a long time ago. Time to try some more.

We showed Peggy Hana's blog when I was about to set up one for her, and then I asked what she'd like her own blog to be called. "Hana!" she replied. I objected, "but that's somebody else's name," so then she said Rosie, then Rosie Strawberry, then an even longer version, but too late, I'd finished typing.

Later at bedtime she shouted "I want Hana!" This must be a bit odd for you, sorry!