Sunday, 22 February 2009

Happy birthday Peggy!

bean party
Peggy is 5 today!

Yesterday we threw a bean party for Bo and Peg. All the kids got bean money to trade for beans, and spent the beans at stands where they could make things or gamble for more bean money.

bean party
Bo took these photos of the signs for the stands as they were being painted.

bean party
Our bean economy suffered rapid inflation, a bean bubble, but luckily the party only ran two hours so the bank didn’t have time to go bust.

bean party
Some kids went home with a massive hoard of beans, others preferred to keep their wealth in bundles of bean notes.

bean party
The bean money was made with images swiped from James Lileks’s collection at The Engraveyard, combined with stills from Ub Iwerks’s Jack and the Beanstalk, from Michael Sporn’s wonderful animation blog.

play money
You can download sheets of bean notes sized to print on A4 sheets here:

toy money

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Paul Duane said...

Thanks for these - just the thing for Gabriela's next birthday party! By the way, I still have best intentions of running off a copy of Just Imagine! for you but the DVD burner on my laptop is acting up. Soon. Soon.