Monday, 23 February 2009

Knuckle Peak

Here are some images related to my interview for Scamp, now enlargeable, so click away.

In the Scamp post I talk about the somewhat involved way I went about creating my first picture book, Sadie the Air Mail Pilot, including making computer models of Sadie’s aircraft and of Air Mail HQ. These were combined with hand drawn elements, and the final paintings were all acrylic on paper.

For Knuckle Peak weather station I made two models as reference, a very rough small scale clay sculpt of the mountain and a larger scale model of the interior made with card, paper and balsa wood. Neither were very pretty, but they were very useful in drawing the multiple viewpoints of the location seen in the book.

Before doing any final art, however, the book went through five drafts, each one a fully sketched dummy book. Below are some of the early sketches of Knuckle Peak.


Michael Freed said...

Amazingly brilliant as always!

fleshisgrass said...

I look at these pictures and I'm transported, Kellie. They are fantastic.

kellie said...

Thanks very much Michael and FiG.