Wednesday, 24 June 2009

In fear of the people - 11

Normblog: Iran x 9.

On that last one, I have no idea if the use of Mossadeq’s image by protesters that he describes is widespread, and while his reading of its meaning is probably correct as far as it goes, it also seems rather narrow. The invocation of Mossadeq seems more likely a signal directed internally rather than externally, as a claiming of national history by the protesters rather than a message to Obama on intervention.

Other signals clearly are directed externally, namely the flood of english language messages, via the net, and displayed by marching protesters. These people obviously do want engagement, though as the population in Iran are showing themselves to be the centre of ultimate power, so the greatest power for supporting their fight internationally is probably not in the hands of international political leaders, but in the hands of the people at large. Still, leaders do have a role to play, in not recognising the election, and in the clear declaration of principles that go beyond partisanship.

Today’s updates at The Guardian and The New York Times.

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