Monday, 6 July 2009

Imprisonment, torture, death, and life.

Images from Palle Nielsen’s graphic adaptation of Orpheus and Eurydice. More on the artist at the end of the post.

18. Eurydice!

19. Machine-gun

20. No farther

21. Police officers of the Underworld

From the New York Times, Friday 3rd, Marjane Satrapi writes that to die in Iran is not enough, she must live again in Iran.

The NY Times on Saturday 4th: Top Reformers Admitted Plot, Iran Declares, a story of torture and forced confessions in Iranian prisons. Also, Clerical Leaders Defy Ayatollah on Iran Election.

Following on from that, Christopher Hitchens on the connectivity between Shi’ite dissent in Iran and Shi’ite clerics in Iraq. Related from earlier, Reject the rule of the dead, on Iraqi cleric and parliamentarian Iyad Jamal Al-Din.

Harry’s Place on the regime’s lies about Dr Arash Hejazi, witness to the murder of Neda Aga-Soltan. See also The Poor Mouth.

Azarmehr on those ever more ludicrous lies, and on the regime’s paid liars in the UK. More on Press TV from Harry’s Place, and they pass on the word, Prosecute the Traitors Working for Propaganda TV

Reporters without Borders on the detention and abuse of reporters in Iran, with updates here. Newsweek on detained journalist Maziar Bahari.

The Guardian attempts an accounting of the dead and the imprisoned.

Via DSTPFWOn the streets of Tehran.

Reza Aslan: Strike. Via Raye Man Kojast.

Norman Geras: Wanting the support of others.

Background: On Radio 4, a repeat of the three part series, Iran a Revolutionary State, first broadcast in 2006 as part of Uncovering Iran. Also on Radio 4, In Our Time on the Sunni-Shia split.

All my Iran posts here.

Palle Nielsen (1920-2000) was a Danish artist who worked mainly in printmaking and drawing, usually in series, often with a loose narrative. His pictures were overwhelmingly of cities, and often of war, with a focus on civilians caught in the midst of urban warfare.

As a young man, Palle Nielsen worked in advertising and illustration before achieving success as a gallery artist. He was strongly influenced by the picture novels of Frans Masareel. Much of his work was consciously political. For me there are occasions where his message grates, but more often I find the strength of his art overwhelming.

His Orpheus and Eurydice (Orfeus og Eurydike) is a series of linocuts, 53 in part one, published as a book in 1959 by Hans Reitzel, Copenhagen. A second volume titled ISOLA an interlude (ISOLA et mellemspil), from 1970, continued the narrative in 42 further prints. A third part was never completed.

Images copyright © the estate of Palle Nielsen.

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