Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Anti-Semitism on Shop Street

Eamonn McDonagh has an unpleasant story from Galway about members of an organisation called Irish Friends of Palestine Against Lisbon, the sanity of which one might reliably assess purely on the basis of the name. Looking closer, they of course see Zionists in control all over Europe, and are not just anti-Israel but also anti-Palestinian Authority. Which leaves who? Thankfully, judging by the photos on their site they don’t seem to be able to muster more than six people at a time, counting the one holding the camera. 

ModernityBlog has more, with video and some further observations.

The above postcard comes from the collection at Old Galway Pics.


Oscar Grillo said...

Don't forget that in Northern Ireland, the Irish don't like EACH OTHER.

kellie said...

Have you checked your own Irish roots yet, Oscar? As we now hear that even Muhammad Ali is Irish, I'm sure you and I also share relations back in the old country!

More mad Irishmen here.

Oscar Grillo said...

I was made honoray Irishman by a friend. He declared me Irish in the inscription he wrote in a copy of "A Swim Two Birds" by Flann O'Brien.
I've read the Ulysses twice. once in Italian. Does it make me Irish?

kellie said...

Reading Ulysses in Italian makes you more Irish than me! And more Italian. More everything!