Monday, 28 September 2009

Talking about Israel makes you stupid 2

At Abu Muqawama, Atone, Crazy People, on the insanity that breaks out in the comments whenever Israel comes up.

Added: a comment from Fnord on another AM thread:
Btw, from the training book about PTSD wich I’m reaing up on due to work, I came across a “list of modes of incorrect thinking” that manifests in patients. It applies well to the internet as well, I think, and especially the Is/Pal discussion:

1) All or nothing thinking.
2) Overgeneralization
3) Mental filtering. (Means getting hung up one one detail, loss of perspective)
4) Rash conclusion-process
5) Magnification
6) Emotional reasoning (I feel/believe)
7) Should/Could explanations and declarations.

My earlier post on this theme.


Martin K said...

Funny to see my old postings from ABu Muqawama. :-)

kellie said...

The incredible vanishing internet… I’ve just updated the links to go to Wayback Machine captures of the missing pages. The comments are preserved there too, for as long as that lasts.