Monday, 1 March 2010

If I were an atom

This book came up in an e-mail exchange with a friend, but I couldn’t find anything online to explain what it was I was talking about, so here I am hauling out the scanner, no longer at its best after my attempt to repair it with Super Glue.

This introduction to atoms for the very young was published in 1970 by Hutchinson of Australia, and was one of a series of picture books on physics written by Noel Wilson and illustrated by Raymond Smith. Others titles were If I met a molecule, If I were an electron, If I were radioactive, and If I were energy.

Below, a selection of spreads from If I were an atom. Click to enlarge.

Some more atomic art: Hans Bacher posts some illustrations from the book of Disney’s Our friend the atom, and The Poor Mouth has some 17th Century atomic poetry by Margaret Cavendish, of which there is much more here.

Extra: atomistic reductionism, by way of Jeff Weintraub.

If I were an atom, copyright Raymond F. Smith & Noel L. Wilson, published by Hutchinson of Australia 1970, S.B.N. 09/100620/1.


jams o donnell said...

I would have loved that book as a child.. Thanks for the link to my Mad Mage posts!

kellie said...

I liked her description of house building with agitated atoms. I have been painting with atoms, but don't recommend it: too slow.