Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Try Bob’s election guide

Thanks to Bob from Brockley for his Election Quick Links.

My voting intention is like Bob’s, and Oliver Kamm’s, and Norm’s, though my voting history is not as purist as the professor’s.

I will not be tripping lightly to cast my ballot, as in order to support my party of choice, Labour, I have to vote for a local candidate who opposed the policies that brought me to vote for them in the first place. And of course they also have quite enough policies that I loathe, policies that are far more relevant to some people’s lives than the ones I’m choosing to vote on.

The most depressing part of the campaign has been the fearful narrowness of the response to the whole calling a bigot a bigot business. Some very big investments have been made in bigotry over very many years here. Rather than push against, Labour under both Blair and Brown played along, calculating perhaps that this was a fight that couldn’t be won out in the open. Now it seem that it can’t be fought in private either.

Unlike many other EU citizens resident in the UK, as an Irish passport holder I have voting rights in national as well as local and European elections. I miss the Single Transferable Vote as used in Ireland. It gave the most potential possible for personal expression on a ballot paper, short of actually spoiling it. But I don’t miss it enough to do anything this time other than vote Labour. I’ll be walking with feet of lead on Thursday, and if I lived elsewhere my choice might be different.

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