Thursday, 10 March 2011

Twenty sticks and twenty birds

For lovers of ink-licked paper, Nobrow 5 is now available to pre-order. This latest collection from the East London small graphic press includes illustrators Paul Paetzel, Matthew the Horse, Meg Hunt, Golden Cosmos, Lab Partners, Ben Newman, and more, with Micah Lidberg (above) leading the charge on the cover, all printed in rose, mustard, blue, and gold.

Also in there is yours truly, with birds and sticks, and sticks and birds, below.

Update! The birds are now available as wrapping paper, distributed by Turnaround.

These birds were created by rendering separate pen and ink drawings on paper for each colour plate.

Details from three of the colour separation drawings. From left to right, drawings for the blue, red, and yellow plates.

Top: Nobrow 5 cover art copyright © Micah Lidberg.

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