Monday, 2 July 2012

Artblogging: animation designers

One1more2time3’s Weblog: Hans Bacher’s blog features not just his own art from several decades as a production designer for animation, but also art by many of the artists he worked with, and even more by many others he admires. There’s too much great stuff there for me to single out one or two things, so if you’re unfamiliar with the site, take the time to work back through the archives. Above, pre-production art for an unrealised film of Cats.

A Sketchy Past, The Art of Peter de Sève: A mix of his book and magazine work along with animation design, There are a few nice posts on other artists as well, on Daumier, Norman Rockwell’s feet, fellow animation designer Nicolas Marlet, and fellow fine print cartoonist Edward Sorel.

Paul Lasaine: His blog has lots of colour digital paintings for animated features and live action effects films. Above, a sample from his work for Surf’s Up. The earliest post on the blog is particularly interesting, showing some of his early work as a matte painter working in oils on glass.

Extra - added 7 July 2012

Old Men With Kazoos and Beating Drums: Work by Kali Fontecchio when she’s not at work.

The Art of Kevin Nelson

John Nevarez

Unofficial Paul Felix

Jake Parker

Character Design: Artist interviews.

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