Friday, 14 September 2012

Today’s drawing from Kafranbel, Syria

From here, via a post on Al Jazeera’s The Stream blog: Syrians bewildered as embassy protests spread.

For more Kafranbel protest cartoons, see the Foreign Policy magazine slideshow from July.

At Shiraz Socialist, Pictures of Libyan democrats and anti-Fascists, reblogged from The Atlantic Wire.

See also Terry Glavin on Extreme Right atrocities in Benghazi and in Kabul.

That last link leads to the blog of Skateistan, a skateboarding project in Kabul, and a post mourning five children, students, volunteers and youth leaders at Skateistan, killed by a bomb last Saturday. They were Khorshid, Nawab, Mohammad Eeza, Parwana, Assad. More about them in this BBC TV News report.

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jams o donnell said...

Thanks for the links Kellie. I missed the skateistan story totally. I would say more but it would turn into a rant