Tuesday, 21 May 2013

In Blogland

It’s curtains for Drawn, the group blog on arts graphic. After a mere eight years founder John Martz has posted notice of the blog’s retirement after a mere eight year run. Charley Parker marks its passing on his Lines and Colors blog. I count myself fortunate to have once received mention in its pages, and will miss visiting.

Normblog, the blog of Norman Geras, is approaching its tenth birthday. Following a few quiet days, Norm today wrote a post about his illness, which has come as a shock to many of his online friends and admirers. David Hirsh at Engage has posted a list of favourite Normblog links. I wish him all the best, and note that even under such circumstances he still keeps up a better pace of posting than most of us.

Eliot Higgins of the Brown Moses Blog today announced the success of his fundraising campaign to allow him to continue blogging full time on the war in Syria. He has received a lot of press attention for his detailed analysis of the flood of online videos oan photos of the war. Scroll down this page to read more about his work. In his most recent post he asks three chemical weapons experts to take a critical look at some of the recent CW attack stories.

Added: a post from Bob, For Norm, from Jim D at Shiraz Socialist blog, The inspirational Prof Norm, and at Harry’s Place, Gene sends Best wishes to Norm Geras.

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