Friday, 27 June 2008

Republican rebate

Francis Sedgemore wants his money back. 66p for a royal freak show, with a tawdry magic act in support, no thank you.

Yes, we could do better, or worse. In The Frogs who wanted a King, a 1922 animated short by  Ladislaw Starewicz, the foolish frogs ditch their democracy and demand a king. Their deity supplies them with a regal log, but they are not satisfied and demand a king with more life in him, so the almighty sends them a stork, and it's snip-snap, frogs for lunch.

Now the current monarch of G.B.&N.I. &c. is more log than stork, so I'm not so worried about being eaten, it's more all the accompanying wooly thinking, the muddled magic of selecting before birth a particular poor mortal as symbol of the state, that seems infantilising of the citizenry, psychologically dangerous even.  Far safer and saner to go for complete log, rather than human playing the part of log.

Constitutionally this would make little real difference. We need a wooden statue of the Q. with rubber stamp signatures and seals and all, to be operated according to the normal political controls. Then the human currently playing Q. can retire without fear of hooded axe murderers, mechanical choppers, or other irrational endings.

What's that you say? You want an elected head of state? A sure recipe for national embarrassment I fear, best stick with wood.

Update: see also the following post for more clearheaded constitutional cognition.


Francis Sedgemore said...

Wooden statue? Hows about a space-saving blow-up doll?

kellie said...

. . . in a bouncy castle.