Saturday, 29 October 2011

Barnaby Rudge illustrations, chapters 4 to 11

Continuing on from the previous post, here are some more illustrations for Charles Dickens’s Barnaby Rudge, drawn by Hablot Knight Browne, also known as Phiz.

Above, from Chapter Four, the table of the locksmith Gabriel Varden, seated centre, with his apprentice Sim Tappertit on one side and his daughter Dolly Varden on the other.

Again from Chapter Four, the apprentice Mr Tappertit in the locksmith’s workhop.

Chapter Five has no illustration in this edition. This drawing is from Chapter Six and shows Gabriel Varden visiting the Rudge household, where Edward Chester is recovering from being attacked in the street. Barnaby Rudge sits in the other chair, and Barnaby’s raven Grip is perched above Mr Edward.

Chapter Seven ends with mention of Barnaby’s phantom-haunted dreams.

Chapter Eight reveals Simon Tappertit’s night-time identity as leader of the secret society of ’Prentice Knights.

Chapter Nine, and Miss Miggs, servant to Mrs Varden the locksmith’s wife, watches to catch out Sim Tappertit sneaking home to his master’s house.

Chapter Ten. Mr Chester, Edward Chester’s father, takes a room for a night at the Maypole.

Chapter Eleven. Hugh, servant at the Maypole, asleep by the fire.

Monday, 24 October 2011

Barnaby Rudge illustrations, chapters 1 to 3

I have been reading a worn old copy of Charles Dickens’s Barnaby Rudge, and though the type is squintily proportioned, the pleasure has been greatly enhanced by the many illustrations. The drawings are by Hablot Knight Browne, also known as Phiz. Above, from Chapter One, the Maypole Inn.

Here, again from Chapter the First, John Willet, landlord of the Maypole, by the fire with guests.

From Chapter Two, the landlord’s son Joe Willet and the strange traveller.

Chapter Three, Barnaby Rudge and the locksmith Gabriel Varden, with young Mr Chester found wounded in the street.

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Thursday, 20 October 2011

Paintings at the Affordable Art Fair, Amsterdam

Four of my paintings for the picture book, Sadie the Air Mail Pilot, or Loes de Luchtpostpoes in Dutch, will be on sale from the KochxBos Gallery at the Affordable Art Fair in Amsterdam this year.

The fair will run from the 27th to the 30th of October at WesterGasFabriek, Amsterdam.

The Dutch edition of the book, Loes de Luchtpostpoes, can be found here.

Signed English editions of the book are available from me here.

Back in London, The Illustration Cupboard, a gallery specialising in book illustration, has some other paintings from the book for sale. Two can be seen on their site, but more are available.

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The sail in shreds

It feels like I've been doing everything but draw in the past few weeks. Back to it again, then.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Maspero massacre

Ahram Online: Protest against persecution of Copts in Egypt attacked with bloody force

Ahram Online: Egyptian Military attacks Alhurra TV

BBC News: Cairo clashes leave 24 dead after Coptic church protest

EA WorldView: Egypt Latest - At Least 19 Killed in Clashes Over Christian March

Issandr El Amrani at The Arabist blog: Maspero and sectarianism in Egypt

Zeinobia at the Egyptian Chronicles blog: Black Sunday - 1954 Redux

Some Twitter reports and reactions this evening.

Why viewers will like PBS UK

A reader writes:
Just saw this, had to send...

PBS (the US public service broadcaster) is launching a UK channel on Virgin Media and Sky in the next week or two. From the Indie’s report:

“Richard Kingsbury, PBS UK's general manager, said: "Viewers are used to seeing US drama and comedy but... there are high quality factual programmes coming out of the US that criticise the Government."

No..really, Europe-folks, they criticise the government! Seriously! You’ll love it!