Monday, 19 October 2009

Charlie Bone et le château des Miroirs

charlie bone jenny nimmo
Copies arrived in the post today of this, the French edition of Jenny Nimmo’s Charlie Bone and the Castle of Mirrors, with cover and 21 interior line illustrations by yours truly. Available at Amazon France.

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charlie bone jenny nimmo


Oscar Grillo said...

The story of the Strawberry Moon is wonderful!! I was not able to leave a comment in her blog but I want to send Hana regards and my appreciative admiration!

kellie said...

Hana's mama is at Sietske in Beirut and has comments. Reading her blog you'll want to go to Lebanon next holiday, peace permitting.

Celine said...

Beautiful, Kellie. As ever.

kellie said...

Thank you very much Celine. Hope all is well.

I particularly like the look of your Australian editions. Very good choices. And the swash lettering on the German edition is beautiful too.