Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Today is 13 Aban

Coverage of today’s protests in Iran on The Guardian News Blog, Tehran Bureau, Raye Man Kojast, Azarmehr, Revolutionary Road, BBC News, and at Enduring America.

In The New York Times today, From Heroes to State Enemies.
Mohsen Mirdamadi had been applauded as a hero by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini for helping to lead the takeover of the United States Embassy in Iran 30 years ago Wednesday.

Today, he is in prison, accused as an enemy of the state.

Mr. Mirdamadi’s crime was working as a leader of the reform movement, specifically as the general secretary of the Islamic Iran Participation Front, the largest reformist party.

But he is hardly alone among former hostage-takers who now find themselves under suspicion and siege by the authorities. As Iran marks the anniversary of an event that helped define its political identity, many former hostage-takers and their allies are committed to the political opposition, and therefore pose a credible threat to the leadership’s legitimacy, analysts said.

“The fact that so many of the students of ’79 eventually came to a reformist position in Iranian politics is not such a mystery when you remember that the reformist position in Iranian politics is not necessarily a pro-Western position,” said Michael Axworthy, a former British diplomat and Iran expert who lectures at the University of Exeter.
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Oscar Grillo said...

Don't worry, not everything is so bleak. Mark Thatcher remains free.....And so are Tony and Dubbya.

kellie said...

"Bushtheliberator" is a semi-regular commenter at Pedestrian's blog, for example here. The other two you mention I haven't run into!

For all my earlier doubts about him, I think Obama has judged today well.

Oscar Grillo said...

Then. are we in the American Millennium yet?

kellie said...

A millenium is a long time in politics.