Friday, 25 December 2009

Christmas No.1

Here at Amazons H.Q. the top hit of the season is John Dog
singing It Could Be Christmas Outside (I Don’t Know).

Bells are ringing, or so somebody said,
Angels are singing alright, in my head,
Manhattan could be a mountain of snow,
It could be Christmas outside, I don’t know.

I’ve got all I need, I don’t have to check twice,
You may wonder indeed, if she’s naughty or nice,
Wrapped now in neither a ribbon nor bow,
It could be Christmas outside, I don't know.

I suppose we could go for a walk in the park
And watch as 5th Avenue twinkles and glows
But I’d rather stay here where it’s warm and it’s dark
And replay that night where you stepped on my toes
On Amsterdam Avenue . . .

Hear the song on John Dog’s MySpace page.

Lyrics copyright © John Dog.

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