Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Five coelacanths


jams o donnell said...

Very good Kellie.What will this illustrate?

kellie said...

It's for a Leporello format book, Worse Things Happen At Sea, to be published by Nobrow Press.

Sergio said...

Great blog. Would you mind if I republish your entry on Lyonel Feininger? (march 2011)

kellie said...

Please do - I very much like your work - and your many blogs!

Patrick Porter said...

Dear Kelly,

I couldn't find your email address, but wanted to send you this post I just put up, over at my own blogsite, 'Offshore Balancer.'

We might agree for once! I think you may sympathise, though naturally will think it doesn't go far enough.

Anyway, enjoy:

kellie said...

Thanks Patrick. Of course I want more, all means short of cluster bombs and nuclear weapons probably, but this "principled stance of hypocrisy" gives some small satisfaction.

I liked your Sleepewalking Towards Strategy post last year by the way. There seems too much attention given to the noise of elected politicians and not enough to more institutional priorities of governments, for example in all the recent UK comment around the European Court of Human Rights which mostly missed its importance in forwarding the wider Western strategy of building international legal norms in the interests of trade and security.