Thursday, 28 June 2012

Artblogging: three pretty scrapbooks

Form is Void is a picture blog that I’m not sure how better to describe. Above, from a post of Richard Oelze images. Another post that stood out for me was on Robert John Thornton’s Temple of Flora botanical prints.

Similar picture-heavy and word-light is But Does it Float, where this and other engravings by Albin Brunovsky can be found.

Chaudron is likewise an eye blog. Here’s someting from a post collecting photographs of wind instruments.

Extra - added 7 July 2012:

Ampere’s And: Books and bits.

All My Eyes: Some words as well as pictures, of tennis in Zanzibar, and gunpowder labels, and submarine insignia, and ahh, ugly tomatoes.

Gibbon: A selection of daubers, scratchers, and snappers, snipped and stuck by Limbolo.

Tigerloaf: A very lovely blog by one Dylan Thomas Hayden.

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