Wednesday, 20 August 2008

1999: McCain on Kosovo 2

I wrote earlier on Matthew Yglesias, who thinks that he’s scoring points against McCain by bringing up the candidate’s position on Kosovo in 1999. The problem is that Yglesias seems ignorant of the facts of that conflict.

Not only has Yglesias not read enough history, he doesn’t seem to read the comments on his own blog either. If he did he’d have discovered that he was talking rubbish in that first post, and wouldn’t have repeated it again and again.

Not that this history is that ancient, and Mr Yglesias should be just about old enough to remember as he turned eighteen during the Kosovo war. Maybe he had other things on his mind back then.

UPDATE 21 AUGUST: Matthew Yglesias is not so hot on rocket science either. Writing on the US-Polish missile defence agreement, he gives another flamboyant display of ignorance. Be sure to read the comments. The wisdom of Matthew:
“Russia interprets the construction of missile defense facilities on Polish soil as a hostile act. And rightly so — clearly the only possible adversary such a system could be aimed against is Russia.”
Some basic facts: the US wants to put 10 interceptor missiles in Poland, and Russia has 2,146 land-launched nuclear warheads, 1,392 sea-launched warheads, and 624 air-launched warheads. So what do you think, do 10 interceptor missiles pose a threat to the effectiveness of Russia’s nuclear deterrence?

It was only recently that I became aware of the words of Yglesias, through his admirer Andrew Sullivan. Lance at A Second Hand Conjecture has been reading those words for quite a while longer, and noted at a word Yglesias didn’t mind using about his own policy proposals in 2006: appeasement. Here’s a word Lance used to describe Yglesias: hypocrite. And a whole bunch more words: unwarranted moral and intellectual smugness.

This one year old post of Lance’s on Andrew Sullivan was also interesting to me. Some people type faster than they think.

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