Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Loose lips

The realists find their audience - from Bill Roggio at the Long War Journal, Taliban mock West for calling Afghanistan unwinnable:
The Taliban have seized on what US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates described as “defeatist” comments made by Western officials on the ability to succeed in Afghanistan to score a propaganda victory.

In a press release issued on Oct. 10 at Voice of Jehad, the Taliban’s official website, the group described the recent statements that that war in Afghanistan is unwinnable as “a hue and cry” and reiterated their terms of peace are complete and unconditional withdrawal.
Earlier posts on this topic: ‘Realists’ go home, The language of victory, and Punchline.

Brighter news: the Long War Journal also has an interview with US Ambassador to Iraq Ryan Crocker, and Mick Hartley points to a piece by Bob Krumm, In Today’s Iraq, the Times Are Constantly Changing. But good news is no news, so Western Journalists in Iraq Stage Pullback of Their Own, from the Washington Post.

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