Thursday, 2 October 2008

‘Realists’ go home

At Harry’s Place: An Acceptable Dictator. Packing bags time. Pack the ambassador in the diplomatic bag, I mean.

It’s also in The TimesUPDATE: Francis Sedgemore also has something to say. UPDATE 2: Terry Glavin thinks it’s just those obscure London journals making trouble again. But then this happens.

In this information war, some on the UK side are getting quite practiced at friendly fire. How do they expect the population in Afghanistan to align with the government and the UN and NATO mission if UK diplomats and military officers actively undermine confidence? And why would the Taleban change their minds and negotiate in response to signs of weakness? This looks like a repeat of Basra. British troops deserve better leadership. Afghanistan deserves steadfast friends.

Illustration: realists in history by Low, a repeat appearance from this post, and found in The Complete Colonel Blimp, edited by Mark Bryant, and copyright © Low estate/Solo Syndication.

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