Sunday, 29 March 2009

Fun for all the family

steam turbine
Looking for something to do on a sunday? Why not take the family to see some steam turbines? They’re sure to thank you for it.

EagleSpeak has a post today all about steam turbines, and in London you can see some good ones. Not just the historic Parsons steam turbine in the Science Museum pictured below, but also the much more elaborate system down inside HMS Belfast. A grand day out!

I sketched the above diagram of a steam turbine for my current picture book project, but have decided instead to use a specific ship for this spread, one with a different type of engine.

parsons steam turbine


jams o donnell said...

Ach it's been far too long since I visite either HMS Belfast or the Science Museum. I must pay them a visit

kellie said...

I last took the children to HMS Belfast when Bo was turning 7 and Peggy nearly 4. Seeing a girl that little merrily hopping down the metal ladders into what used to be a high-pressure inferno in the boiler room was quite odd.

CS Forester's WWII novel 'The Ship' gives a very clear picture of the workings of a vessel like HMS Belfast.