Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Monkey diver here to help

monkey diver
I had a dream last night which seemed to start the moment I fell asleep and carried on ’til morning, in several episodes.

To begin with I found the family were living in a flat in the Barbican. What was worse, London was sinking beneath the waves as great storms raged. The river was blocked with sunken ships. City Airport I assumed to be underwater. Looking for information on other airports, I talked to someone on the phone, but as she was in a faraway call centre she had no idea.

Water was pouring down steps into the garden. The living room was below water level, but the windows seemed to be holding. A couple of would-be burglars called at the door of the flat. The rest of the Barbican estate seemed deserted, except for a cleaner in a neighboring flat carrying on regardless. Just before waking I remembered the elevated walkways -

There were no monkeys in the dream.

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