Thursday, 25 June 2009

In fear of the people - 12

At DSTPFW: Slavoj Žižek on Iran.

Also from that corner, Shuggy writes on Iran and the power of democracy. He has two reasons for believing that “the turmoil in Iran demonstrates the power of democracy.” The first is that he thinks “all the talk of 'sham-elections' that provide a facade for dictatorship omits an important question: why do dictatorships feel the need to provide such a cloak of legitimacy to their rule in the first place?” The second is that “sham elections and emasculated parliaments have a habit of gaining a life and assuming a role that exceeds the intention of their creators. Consider the Duma, created as a fig-leaf for Romanov imperial power but which outlived not only them but the USSR itself.”

Read the whole argument. As mentioned earlier, others have had similar thoughts.

Moving on from the Soaks, Flesh is Grass: Ich bin ein Iranian.

Global Dashboard reads GQ on Tehran’s party scene.

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