Friday, 5 March 2010

. . . and little fishes

In the last week or so:

Sietske helped her daughter learn Arabic.

Michael Barrier came closer to the Ur-Dumbo. See also Barrier on Dumbo and race, Michael Sporn on Dumbo and socialism, and arguments about pink elephants, but Dumbo on Broadway I can do without.

Potkin Azarmehr and Peyvand Khorsandi challenged Galloway and his strange associates in the Palace of Westminster. Video here.

Eric Lee decided to save Amnesty from itself. Here’s one reason why, for those who missed it. More on Eric Lee here.

Oliver Kamm added another to the list of useful John Pilger links.

Related to that, Bob considered a night out in the neighborhood.

Ronald Searle turned 90. More here.

And Stephen Kroninger posted some great pictures by and of George Grosz in America.

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