Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Dancing on the Moon

Above, from 2007, development designs commissioned for a children’s animation project.

Below, from 1935, the Fleischer Bros. cartoon Dancing on the Moon.


Victor Caroon said...

I've been showing "Dancing on the Moon" to my scriptwriting students in Trinity for five years now. It's got to the stage where the incoming students have heard about it from the people in the year above, and start asking for it as soon as they're in he door in September. Plus, I've heard complete strangers wandering the halls of the college, whistling or singing the tune. That's the closest i've ever got to social engineering, but the power has already driven me a little nuts. Best, S.

kellie said...

Excellent! I look forward to seeing the results in their work in years to come.

Along with its other weird aspects I like the unnecessary craziness of the rocket that switches from model to drawing and back to model again. Some of those Fleischer Color Classics are very strange - their occasional attempts at worthiness make them more unsettling and sinister than the earlier black & white cartoons, like in Play Safe.