Tuesday, 3 August 2010

You’re getting better

I want you to know you’re getting better.
I dont care what everyone’s been saying,
You’re getting better.

They’re the ones who’ve been getting worse.
And uh, they don’t like what you’ve been doing.

You think they can watch you
strip yourself of one unnecessary thing after another?
Day by day becoming more, so to speak,
naked, more free,
and not feel the way they do?
Of course not.
. . .
Video from tonlitt. You’ve been listening to the voice and words of Ken Nordine (© Mr Nordine) who also makes videos of his own. On CD here.

Uncle Danny dug that trip in his day, and now Norm has found the path.

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bob said...

My five year old son is a big fan of Ken Nordine, especially his "Topsy Turvey House".