Monday, 4 October 2010

Golden time

Here’s something nice that arrived in the post today. Ik hou zo van... de Gouden Boekjes is a history of de Gouden Boekjes, as Little Golden Books are called in Dutch, from the first arrival of American Little Golden Books in aid parcels to the Netherlands at the end of the Second World War, to the first Dutch editions published by De Bezige Bij, to the current editions by Uitgeverij Rubinstein. The book is written by Joke Linders, and beautifully designed by Piet Schreuders and Sonja van Hamel.

As well as publishing Dutch translations of titles familiar in the US, Rubinstein have restored and reissued some Little Golden Books long out of print in their country of origin, such as a favourite of mine, Bobby and his Airplanes, or Jan de vliegtuigman in Dutch. Over the years, the standard page count of Little Golden Books has been cut, and so most current editions of old classics are missing a major portion of the original illustrations. Rubinstein have produced restored editions of some of these titles, re-scanning artwork and printing them on high quality stock in hardcover with stitched binding, so if you want to get a new copy of Scuffy the Tugboat with all the pictures included, then it’s the speciale uitgave of Sloffie Sleepboot you need.

Below: A personal pleasure for me in this book is that I got to draw a number of well-known Little Golden Book characters for this interior illustration.

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