Wednesday, 6 October 2010

History by radio

The lovely hand lettering on this cover reminds me of FG Cooper. The background was printed with silver ink.

I’m still working my way back through the Speechification radio blog archive, and I’d like to recommend Stonewall: The Riots That Triggered the Gay Revolution, broadcast on BBC 2 last year. More Speechification recommendations from Poumista.

UPDATE 19th October: Speechification has gone off the air, along with its archive. I’m leaving the dead link in place in case of some future change of heart. In the meantime, Google’s cache might be useful.

I’ve also been revisiting the How We Got Here history podcast from PRI’s The World. From August, Jeb Sharp interviews film maker Yael Hersonski on her documentary A Film Unfinished, an investigation into the making of Nazi propaganda footage of the Warsaw Ghetto from 1942. More on the project from Bloomberg.

More recently from The World, yesterday in fact, Lisa Mullins interviews Cuban artist Inverna Lockpez on her experiences in joining Castro’s revolution, and how she became a casualty of the revolution. Comic artist Dean Haspiel has drawn an adaptation of her story, Cuba, My Revolution. His account of the project is here, and there’s an exhibition of art from the book currently at the Kentler International Drawing Space, Brooklyn.

Inverna Lockpez’s own art is here. In the later part of the interview, she talks about coming to the US in the ’60s, still a liberal, but experiencing a difference with fellow artists of the American left:
...I could not talk about Fidel with my friends, with my artist friends, because they adore him, and they adore Che [...] Che Guevara is an idol for so many individuals, and they don’t know who Che was really, and after fifty one years people are still looking at Fidel like the saviour, the one that has stood against the Americans.

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jams o donnell said...

Did you see the film on BBC4 a week or so ago about the German who photographed the ghetto in Lwow?

kellie said...

No, do you remember what it was called?

Radio is great for me when I'm working doing my ink-knitting, television's not as handy for that.

BobFromBrockley said...

Here it is:
Not available for watch again, alas