Saturday, 30 July 2011

Something is taking its course

I have been busy cooking in my kitchen, though there’s not much of it visible here. One thing has been the screen printing, an example above. That print is of the bird drawn for John Dog’s album, Battery Powered Mystery Action, as blogged on earlier here. It will also be appearing in the 3x3 Illustration Annual No.8 due out this December.

The nightingale will be added to the range in the shop shortly, along with a couple of other new prints.

Before that, the long awaited Het zeemans-ABC is to be published by Rubinstein of Amsterdam in October. This Dutch Little Golden Book, written by Nienke Denekamp and illustrated by yours truly, has of course been years in the making. It’s publication is being timed to link with the re-opening of het Scheepvaartmuseum, the Maritime Museum in Amsterdam which has been undergoing renovations for as many years as our little book has been in the works.

On the drawing table, work continues on two book illustration projects, one for Nobrow. I was happy to hear that the bird wallpaper I designed for Nobrow has been spotted in the British Library shop.

I have also been involved in the development of a horror film being produced by some of our weirder neighbours. We expect to see that go into production later in the year. More details to follow!


Anonymous said...

No wonder you don't have much time for blogging about the Arab revolutions - but you're still one of the first places I come to.

kellie said...

Thanks Flesh, though its probably not just workload that's slowed down the blogging, but a sense that some arguments have been won and others seem less relevant. I have written a bit of stuff that has stayed in the notebook because I was unconvinced of its vitaity.

For the Arab revolutions I'm reading rather than writing:EAWorldView and Twitter.