Thursday, 30 June 2011

Getting technical

Above, a Breuget Bizerte flying boat, and below, the SS Kaiser Wilhelm II. These are working drawings for one of my current projects.

The Bizerte was built for the French Navy in the 1930s. After the fall of France, the Luftwaffe flew captured Bizertes in German colours.

The SS Kaiser Wilhelm II was a German passenger steamer built in 1903. She spent most of the first world war docked in New York, until the US entered the war and siezed the ship for use as a troop carrier, renaming her Agamemnon. There is a striking panorama photo here of Agamemnon arriving in Boston in 1919, bringing troops home from Europe.


jams o donnell said...

Very nice indeed Kellie. I will be interested to see what these fit into.

kellie said...

Hi Jams, did you get the thank-you email? Also looking for your real world address..

Oscar Grillo said...

Beautiful! Tintin would very well travel in these!

kellie said...

Thanks very much Oscar. I presumed your recent travels were in something like this, or even this!