Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Refugee drawings by Ronald Searle

These drawings are from a series made in European refugee camps. They were published as a 17 page feature in Punch in 1959, and then as a book by Penguin, titled Refugees 1960: A Report in Words and Drawings by Kaye Webb and Ronald Searle.

See selections from the book at Graphic Witness, and more from both the book and the Punch article at Perpetua, a Ronald Searle tribute blog, part one here and part two here.

The above image, a pencil drawing of Isrecko Dimitriyevich, San Antonio Camp, Salerno, dated 16 Nov 1959, comes from the Chris Beetles Gallery site. The Punch page below is from Matt Jones’s Perpetua blog.

Matt Jones has gathered together links to some of today’s obituaries for Ronald Searle. See also Charley Parker’s Lines and Colors blog.

Added: more on Searle and Kaye Webb - the Gentle Author on Ronald Searle in Spitalfields. Stephen Kroninger shares some Ronald Searle book jackets from his shelves, and Brad Holland on why Searle was an inspiration:
“It wasn’t his style that I wanted. I got over that quickly. It was the witness he bore to the times we lived in.”

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