Sunday, 22 January 2012

Missing Sadie paintings update: two found

Ian Logan Design Shop London
Ian Logan Design London
Back in 2008, three paintings of mine went missing from the Ian Logan Design Shop, London, when it closed down. All three were illustrations for my picture book, Sadie the Air Mail Pilot. Yesterday two of the paintings, shown above, were recovered, thanks be the internet! One painting, the one below of Sadie getting dressed, is still missing.

Thanks to Ruth in East London, who saw these two paintings at a car boot sale in Epping some three years ago, and had the good taste to buy them for her young son, and thanks to her sharp eyed friend who recently recognised them as being from the book. Ruth’s lad now has two framed digital prints of the images in his room to replace the paintings, as well as a signed first edition of Sadie the Air Mail Pilot. He’s lived with the images for a long time, but never read the book before. I hope the story lives up to any he may have daydreamed for himself!

You can download a wanted poster here showing the one painting still missing.

Ian Logan Design Company London

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jams o donnell said...

Excellent news Kellie! Here's hoping the last one is found soon