Tuesday, 17 April 2012


A small photograph, two inches wide, found between pages 258 and 259 of The Poetical and Prose Works of Oliver Goldsmith. With Life. Gall & Inglis, Edinburgh and London, no date given. I think the book belonged to my mother, or to my grandmother, but that’s not her in the picture.

A little bit from the Life:
Oliver received his first lessons from Mrs Dolap, who often afterwards, and with almost her last breath in 1787, when about ninety years of age, boasted that she had been the first to put a book into Oliver Goldsmith’s hands.


jams o donnell said...

That is a very nice find Kellie

kellie said...

Thanks Jams. I'm not sure anymore if this book comes from my grandmother's house, as I found a price in pencil inside the cover. My mother might have bought it secondhand, and the photo might have come from anywhere. Still, I see a hint of a resemblance to one of my aunts in the woman’s face, or to my brother even, so she could be a relative.