Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Who will weep

From Harry's Place, remembering words spoken in a debate in the House of Commons five years ago:

We must face the consequences of the actions that we advocate. For those of us who support the course that I am advocating, that means all the dangers of war. But for others who are opposed to this course, it means - let us be clear - that the Iraqi people, whose only true hope lies in the removal of Saddam, the darkness will simply close back over. They will be left under his rule, without any possibility of liberation - not from us, not from anyone.

This is the choice before us. If this house now demands that at this moment, faced with this threat from this regime, British troops are pulled back, that we turn away at the point of reckoning - this is what it means - what then? What will Saddam feel? He will feel strengthened beyond measure. What will the other states that tyrannise their people, the terrorists who threaten our existence, take from that? They will take it that the will confronting them is decaying and feeble.

Who will celebrate and who will weep if we take our troops back from the Gulf now?

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