Thursday, 13 March 2008

Give your best friend an Ainslie Whisky

Here's a taste of the humour of yesteryear, from the 1904 issue of the Danish satirical annual Blæksprutten. Most of the annual is made up of full page drawings, small gag cartoons, and illustrated verses. But at the back are three pages of small ads, livened up with a comic strip. I've extracted the strip and laid it out in a more web-friendly way below.

The note in panel one says "Darling, I cannot be yours." The reply in panel five says "Beloved, when you read this I shall be dead."

So y'see, if only Romeo had been fond of a drink then all might have ended happily. Below, more of how the strip originally appeared when surrounded by small ads.

Many thanks to the brother for this.

Copyright © Estate of the Unknown Cartoonist

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