Thursday, 4 December 2008

Afghanistan and the historic mission of the left

I highly recommend this - Terry Glavin writes in Democratiya on Afghanistan, Canada, the UN, Nato, the US and Obama. A sample:
But now that the conflict in Iraq is rapidly winding down in ways that defy the grim forecasts of anti-war polemicists, the United States, particularly, is intent upon ramping up its efforts in Afghanistan. The war for 'hearts and minds' should be ramped up, too, but the main battles in that war aren't being fought in the mud-walled compounds of bleak Afghan deserts. They're unfolding in the rich countries of the world, where it is already fashionable in liberal-left circles to write off Afghanistan as an irredeemably misbegotten place, a folly, and a lost cause.

This is not a war any of us can afford to lose, and it is a disgrace that it has to be fought within the left, but that's what we're stuck with. The central struggle in Afghanistan is not the war with 'the Taliban.' It is a struggle against poverty, illiteracy, and slavery. It's a struggle against an Islamic variation of all the totalitarian, xenophobic, obscurantist and misogynist currents that it has been the historic mission of the left to fight and to defeat.
The rest is here.

For those who’ve not yet found it, Terry Glavin’s blog is here.

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