Monday, 1 December 2008

Nothing to read here . . .

. . . try Harry’s Place instead, on one law for all (more on this from Flesh is Grass), on Mumbai through anti-imperialist eyes, (more on this from Martin in the Margins), and on Sean Penn.

Taxis are an interest of mine. Azarmehr is unimpressed by a recent BBC report on women cab drivers in Tehran, and Terry Glavin writes about some American women who see the Iranian police as a friendly taxi service for Westerners.

Stretching the net wider, Uncle Eddie considers what it takes to be a police sketch artist.

The most recent post from Golden Age Comic Book Stories is a selection of vintage magazine covers. Curiously no comics included, but it’s a diverse example of the riches to be found on this blog.

Typophile has a discussion on typefaces suitable for schoolbooks, which links to an earlier thread on type for kids. In both a number of contributors argue against a simplistic patronising approach. All of which reminds me of a post from Hairy Green Eyeball last month featuring a schoolbook worthy of René Magritte.

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